PACK 229 PACK 229

About Us

Cub Scout Pack 229, located at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Northwest Austin, Texas USA is a pack which helps cultivate young boys into young men.

Pack 229 is a Cub Scouting unit whose program is designed to support and encourage quality family involvement and is open to all first through fifth grade boys in St. Theresa’s Parish.

Each Cub Scout learns t respect his home, country and other people. The program also helps boys this age to:

  • Learn new physcial skills through sports, crafts and games.
  • Learn how to get along with others through group activities.
  • Develop new mental skills.
  • Develop personal independence.
  • Learn to make values-based decisions that assist him throughout his adult life.

Now is your chance to get him involved and signed up for Cub Scouting!