A Word from the Cubmaster

Since 1910, the Boy Scouts of America has fulfilled their decree to promote character, citizenship, and personal fitness training for our boys and young men.

The organization offers a very unique opportunity in which boys can learn core values, ethics and skills but within one's own scope and ability.

Scouting, in just 99 short years, has spread from the founder's (Sir Baden Powell) home country of England to over 155 countries with over 25 million participants. Statistics which speak to the true power of the Scouting paradigm.

In a modern world, where our boys have more options and activities than ever before, Scouts remains a guidepost. One that not only serves our sons today but will remain with them throughout their lives. The friendships and shared experiences they develop are beyond the scope of most youth activities. But even more so, they transcend today and reach into their futures as our sons become the men of tomorrow.

Jaime Mitchell
Cubmaster Pack 229